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Yoga seeks to help you reach your full potential. As a practitioner you’ll develop a strong, flexible body and mind while connecting with inner wisdom and peace.

I have practised yoga for nearly forty years and have been qualified (Yoga Therapy and Training Centre) as a teacher for ten years. I’m also certified to teach as a specialist in ‘ Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’.

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My classes are small to ensure that each student receives individual attention. I teach participants to develop an understanding of their own minds and bodies and to work from within. This encourages them to take responsibility for their own yoga practise enhancing self confidence, flexibility, strength, stability and the ability to relax.

The main components of yoga are:

Postures – Working with your body to stretch and tone the entire muscular and skeletal system. Your circulation is improved along with the overall functioning of your internal organs. Locked tension is released, rejuvenating your whole body.

Breathing Techniques – Full yoga breathing helps you to recharge your body and calm your mind and nervous system. This leads you to an overall understanding of vital energy.

Relaxation Techniques – Complete deep relaxation of your whole body and mind can relieve stress and many associated symptoms. Relaxation will also help promote health and well-being.

Focus/Meditation – helps to discipline the mind, promote positive thinking and self-awareness.

Anyone can practice and benefit from yoga. All you need is some time and space and a desire for a healthier, more fulfilling life. So much can be gained from regular practice and a little patience.

If you are interested in group or one-to-one consultation please Contact me or download my yoga leaflet here >>