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Vedic Art

Vedic Art was made accessible to Western Culture by the Swedish artist Curt Kallman (1938 – 2010). He describes the philosophy of Vedic Art as:

‘Both feet firmly on the ground and the paint brush in heaven’.

In 2006 I was fortunate enough to be invited to join Curt in Sweden where I studied and trained as a teacher of Vedic Art.

Join my Vedic Art course for the experience of a lifetime. I’ll share my knowledge and experience with you, helping you to unlock the creative force that lies within.

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About Vedic Art

Taking part in a Vedic Art course is a wonderfully liberating way for you to connect with your creativity, reduce stress and liberate the potential for new ideas.

Vedic Art is accessible to all. You don’t need any previous experience or artistic ability to benefit.

By working through the principles of Vedic Art you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Awaken to your unique gifts enabling you to unleash the REAL you.
  • Remember how to express yourself fully from within and delve deeper into the creative process.
  • Begin to create without demand or planning.
  • Become familiar with the creative process, assume your own space and not be subject to outside influences.
  • Begin to see things in a wider perspective.
  • Feel more confident about yourself and your capabilities. As a result you’ll feel happier about making bolder decisions.

Vedic Art it is not a therapy but it can be deeply therapeutic. You can download my Vedic Art leaflet here >>

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 Download my article on Vedic Art in the ‘More to Life’ magazine >>


Don’t just take my word for it. See what my clients have to say…

“I chose to do the Vedic art course at a time in my life, where I was faced with great challenges in my personal life . Although I had done art work before, I came with a completely open mind to explore and discover what Vedic art was all about.

To sum up my experience, it felt like I went on a journey of discovery. I felt beautifully and skillfully held by our facilitator Glynis, who taught me new techniques to unblock my creative flow. I found the whole process very therapeutic and profound. I loved being part of a group in a really nice venue and to be part of other people’s journey. My own experience led to a sense of well-being I had not felt for a long time and gave me the strength to deal with the challenges in my private life successfully.

The Vedic art course was the perfect course for me.”       Brigitta


“I commenced this six-day course and from the start it was a very relaxing and creative experience. I have never painted apart from the usual art class in school many years ago so I was anxious on stepping into the studio………..

The whole experience totally absorbed me and I was amazed that the days disappeared in the blink of an eye. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone as I have discovered I really enjoy relaxing through art.

Thank you, Glynis, for making it possible.”       Denise

“Glynis is knowledgeable and informal in her approach and is able to inspire and instruct without expectations. She allowed us the time and freedom to let the individual principles sink in and to experiment in our own way, allocating time enough to investigate materials and follow our personal creative paths without pressure to produce, which I enjoyed.

Good group discussions and plenty of time for personal questions and freedom to leave and go for a walk if we so desired. I found the course challenged me, allowing the principles to lead me rather than planning a painting, also using materials I am not generally drawn to eg. acrylic paint, working with a different scale.

Being in nature, influenced my paintings. I found the wind to be guiding my mark making on reflection. The whole process was cathartic, working through grief in my final painting through use of shape, form and colour. A most enjoyable, informative and inspirational course.

Thank you Glynis. Love and peace.” Ruth

“The Vedic Art course I attended opened up a whole new world of discovery for me. Working through the principles over the period of five days gave me confidence to explore my creativity and talents as I found myself developing more each day.

It enabled me to be motivated to experiment with different mediums and build on my own style.

I found the course both fun and relaxing and most of all a special retreat to stand back from the busy world we live in. It did wonders for my wellbeing.

Thank you Glynis for this gift.”     Jean